Battle of Immortals Philippines

[Item Mall Update] Mga Kampon ni GM Ela

  Opening Salvo sa BOI "O" ! Yeah BOI!!    

Battle of Immortals Philippines

[Update] The Immortals Christmas Bazaar!

        Merry Xmas Na! YEAH BOI!    

  • Battle of Immortals Philippines
  • Battle of Immortals Philippines
April 22, 2013
BOI PH Cease of Service
Battle of Immortals is the very first MMORPG title of Cubizone Philippines and for around three years, it became a haven for gamers who enjoy an action-packed Online RPG. However, it breaks our hearts to announce that we will now cease the service of Battle of Immortals PH on April 30, 2013.  
January 23, 2013
BOI PH Long Maintenance
Greetings BOIs,   We at Cubizone Philippines continue to expand to give you the best gaming experience and more new games to enjoy and conquer; because of this, we will be moving some of our equipments to a better location and we will be conducting another set of system upgrades.
April 22, 2013
BOI Migration Mechanics
Only Battle of Immortals PH Account holders are eligible to avail the Forbidden Kingdom Online Migration Packages.
November 09, 2012
The Armory
Save up and power up! Simply purchase, top-up and allocate your Cubits for  Battle of Immortals to acquire *special items for FREE! Selected Item's Required Cubits are 30% OFF! That's not all! Get additional 1pc. Lv4 Kannon Gem when you purchase a minimum of Php1,000 using Load 'n play!
Cubizen Weapon Stash
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